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Why Re-Design your website?

If you had designed your website for your company already, you would have to listen carefully below mentioned technology information for your perusal. That information must be useful for your business and your brand because it has been taken by the research based and the practical experimental orientated.

Your website had been developed earlier than a couple of years or five years ago you must consider the technology information about website carefully what we have written below because your website would become hold back status. The reason is that, programmed coding and technology field such as Google chrome in search engines technologies like SEO algorithms will diverge a year once. The most important thing is that your website's wire frame structure and designs are in low ranking position due to the fast growing technology trends. If your website is in a poor ranking position or in a older technology, definitely it will affect your company and your brand reputation or business promotions.

Wireframe & User Interface

The Design trend will be changed year by year base on the latest technology. So, the wireframe and user interface are very important part of the webdesign and web development. The relavent content of the website is the vital role of the search engines like Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox, Safari, Opera, Ping, Yahoo etc...

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Just see the below pictures, you can understand the real importance of website redesign rather than we say!



Prism Technology, a web design company advices that redesign your older website by that concern web design company or choose a standard web design company like us. Since 1996, we built the confidence into the market and our customer. We have more than 1400 hundred clients across the world, so we have enough latest technology with brilliants, customer psychology and color theme. Since redesigning your website by latest technology trends your website would have been get in touch with viewers as well as in your business industry .By research based ultimate evidence experience we are saying that your website reaches throughout the next gen world.

Comparison of Latest vs Early Technology

Early Design framework concept web designing


Developing fixed-size web pages is a basically faulty practice. Nowadays web pages that remain at an invariable size in spite of of the user's browser size, but it fail to take advantage of the medium's flexibility. However, web site designers continue to develop fixed pages. Early web design page size is 800x600 pixels, but the current website creators design page size is minimum 1366x768 pixels to 1920x1080. And they are using the latest variable resolution concept with variable screen size like Smart mobile phone, Tab, Notes and Laptop. Early technology website was surfing with a smaller screen resolution, for instance at 800x600 and 1024x768 decreases the user experience to a frustrating with scrolling exercise and horizontal scrolling is much inferior than vertical. High screen resolution, which will be optimizes desktop workspace and visualization effect this choice is independent of the actual size of the monitor hardware.

Latest Design seo compatibility web designing templates


Web designing companies developing the web sites were should accommodate a range of unpredictable human behaviors or human physiology. Confront of website designing for all sizes seems like a possible task. An option to complete positioning is relative pages to contract and expand to fit a variety of viewable browsing areas with variable screen resolutions. Responsive design is a latest technology adapts web design concept and development with latest technique that creates a site or system that reacts to the size of a user's screen resolutions. Responsive design will optimize a user's browsing experience by creating technology with flexible and responsive web page, optimized for the device that is accessing it. There has been a diverse viewer's shift towards Mobile, Tab and Laptop browsing and responsive design signify the simplest way to reach viewers or users across variable screen resolution devices and make sure a seamless user experience.

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